Are you clear about where your business
is heading?

Know what you want to achieve but
not how to do it?

Frustrated at being alone in your

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Your company needs change

You are looking to:

  • Identify and meet customer needs

  • Win in competitive environment

  • Create unity of Purpose and unity of action

  • Create sustainable organisational change

  • Select leadership approaches that work

  • Turn vision into reality

The Strategic FIT Program is your pathway to change:

  • Can be applied to all businesses of any size

  • Simple to follow, easy to apply and creates inspiring strategies

  • We share your vision and stay personally connected with program users

  • It includes all members of your team so you no longer feel alone

  • The process stays relevant so can be repeated at any time

  • Incorporates over 55 years of experience

How it works

What they say

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Why choose us?

  • Accountable

    A methodological and rigorous approach that helped us carefully plot a path forward.

    Ian Rothwell
    Campus Living Villages

  • Reputable

    It was wonderful to see the process unfold so positively and effectively.

    Carolyn Landesman
    Operations Manager
    CLV, New Zealand

  • Facilitator

    Highly recommended for step change breakthrough business outcomes and details customer insights.

    David McGeorge
    Bis Industries Limited

  • Scalable

    The successful implementation of our plan was largely attributable to the easy formatting of action plans and activities.

    Craig Bickley
    FrameWorks Group Pte Ltd

  • Accountable

    The powerful processes and frameworks ensure future strategy remains embedded in your business for years to come.

    David Macgeorge
    Structural Systems Limited

  • Reputable

    Your guidance and insight is really making a difference in the way I approach so many things.

    Felicia Mariani
    Tourism Tasmania

  • Scalable

    Highly recommended for step change breakthrough business outcomes and details customer insights.

    David Macgeorge
    Bis Industries Limited

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6 steps for business progression

  1. 1Dealing with turbulence and uncertainty

  2. 2Creating organisational change

  3. 3Aligning service delivery and customer needs

  4. 4Effective approaches to shaping organisations

  5. 5Winning in a competitive environment

  6. 6From vision to reality

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