Leadership and Self-Deception

If you are on a personal journey of self-discovery and improvement, this is a 5 star MUST read book for you.

This book will generate profound insights and learnings that can have a sustainable and transformational impact on your life and on all of your relationships.

It is an easy read. Written as a novel, you will find it difficult to put down. Because anyone reading this book can see themselves in the characters, the content will touch and influence you at both a conscious and subconscious level.

In essence, you discover that:

  1. The only person you can control is yourself
  2. When you take responsibility for your life you choose whether to react or respond to any thing that happens to you
  3. If you choose to respond, you are “out of the box” and retain you power because you see others as people with thoughts and feelings. This is a state in which you can grow and be happy.
  4. If you choose to react to circumstances that occur, you give your power away. You see others as objects to blame. You are “in the box”
  5. When you are “in the box” you live life in a sub-optimal way. You are in a state of self-deception that “blinds you to the true cause of the problems”
  6. When “blinded” any solution you conceive only accentuates the problem
  7. You rationalise your behaviour; blame others to justify your behaviour to yourself. This self justification deceives you. Your “truth” does not reflect the reality.
  8. If this pattern continues, it becomes part of your being – who you are as a person. It unconsciously becomes part of your character.
  9. In Part III of the book, the authors provide solutions on “How we get out of the Box”.

Having read the book a while ago, I still have a raised level of conscious awareness of how I am thinking, feeling and acting towards others. Because of this it has had a profound positive impact on how I live my live and has made me a better person for having read this book.

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