Achieve Sustainable Superior Performance by applying Strategic FIT

Strategic Fit is the difference that makes the difference.

To achieve sustainable superior performance a business must attract more loyal customers than its competitors. Every business attempts to achieve this but not many succeed.

Many organisations focus on attracting new customers whilst under-servicing their current customers. The result – customer defection. The cost of customer ‘churn’ can be crippling. This reminds me of a story.

One night a man dreamed that he had past away. He found himself standing in front of a lift and was considering whether to push up or down. He had been told so many stories about hell that he said to himself. “This is only a dream, why don’t I go down and see what hell is like”. So he pushed ‘down’.

When the elevator doors opened, he was greeted by voluptuous young women in grass skirts with bare tummies. Hawaiian necklaces were placed around his neck and a drink was put into his hands. He was wined and dined, played golf on terrific courses and had never been so well looked after in his entire life. He was brought back to reality by his wife shaking him and calling his name. She was telling him that he would be late for work if he didn’t get up immediately.

A few days later he really died and found himself in front of the same lifts that he had dreamed about a few days earlier. So naturally, he pushed the ‘down’ button. When the doors opened, he was greeted by the Devil. It was unbearably hot and he was given a large hammer and immediately put to work in atrocious conditions. He turned to the Devil and said, “what’s going on? A few nights ago, I came down here in a dream and was treated like a king. Now I come down here forever and you are treating me like a criminal. What happened?” The Devil replied “that was when you were a prospect. Now you are a customer”.

There are many reasons as to why customers defect:

1. Their patronage may not be valued

2. The company may be too internally focused

3. The product is seen as a commodity

4. Customers’ have no emotional attachment to the supplier

5. The value proposition may not be appealing to customers

6. The price that they pay may be perceived to be too high in relation to what they receive in exchange for their money

7. Competitors are better at some or all of the above

To achieve sustainable superior performance any company must consistently present win-win outcomes. See the figure below.

If customers feel that they are giving more than they are getting from the supplier, this results in a win-lose outcome from the perspective of the customer and is not sustainable. The customer feels ‘ripped off”.

If the supplier feels that it is giving more than it is getting, this is a lose-win outcome from the perspective of the supplier. This too, is not sustainable as the supplier feels it is not worthwhile.

The worst case is where both parties feel that they are giving more than they are getting, resulting in a lose-lose scenario. That is definitely not sustainable.

The only sustainable position is where both parties feel that they are receiving value for money.

The Strategic FIT Program will guide you to achieving a consistent win-win outcome. It will help you to build a large, strong and loyal customer franchise.  Loyal customers may even be prepared to pay a small premium for the real or perceived value that they receive. Loyal customers also help the supplier reduce its costs because it does not have to incur huge marketing expenditure to entice its customers. Furthermore, loyal customers will tell their friends, providing word of mouth advertising for the supplier. Not only is this free, but it is more powerful than traditional advertising approaches.

Furthermore, one of the cultural traits of superior performing businesses is that they continuously look for ways to reach more and more customers with the same or less infrastructure, time, effort energy and cost. They are also continuously seeking new or different ways to add value to the people that they reach.

We assist you to achieve a state of Strategic FIT walking and guiding you step-by-step through a process that starts with the customer, aligns the company’s service delivery to meet or exceed expectations and keeps the organisation relevant to its customers over time.

The Customer Module helps you to align service delivery to meet customer needs. It is our experience that over 80% of organisations get this wrong. They think that they understand customers’ needs and “talk passed their customers”. In this module we show you how to uncover current needs and how to elicit latent or unknown needs.

The Operating Environment Module recognises that no organisation operates within a vacuum – that it depends upon and is dependent upon its environment to succeed.  To deal with turbulence and uncertainty, we need to understand the forces driving and shaping our markets and how these are most likely to unfold over time. We walk and guide you through a process to scan your environment, understand your competitors and build potential scenarios.

Most companies today operate in slow growth, mature markets. Yet all players want to achieve growth that exceeds that of the market. The only way to achieve this, is to “take lunch away from the competition”. The Strategy Module assists you to develop  strategy to win in a competitive environment. We want to develop an offer that ‘customers cannot say no to’,  motivate and unite our people with an inspirational vision and position the business to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Most executives find this very challenging. We show you how it can be accomplished.

Unless the business powerfully engages its customers by mirroring their requirements and ‘speaks’ to them in a language that they understand, the company is unlikely to succeed long-term in winning and keeping customers. The organisation’s culture reflects its current capability to deliver customer and shareholder value. Accordingly,  The Culture Module helps leaders create and manage appropriate organisational change.

Leadership shapes the organisation’s future capabilities. The Leadership Module helps you build and nurture powerful and effective leadership coalitions at all levels within the business to shape, guide and lead the business to its desired or preferred future.

It is relatively easy to formulate strategy. It is far more difficult to execute well. The final Taking Action Module provides ongoing processes for keeping activity on track, deploying scarce resources effectively, and navigating towards the future – turning vision into reality.

To know but not to do, is not yet to know“. Knowledge in and of iteself is useless! It is the effective application of that knowledge that makes the difference. Strategic FIT is the difference that makes the difference. We provide the knowledge and the support to give effect to the knowledge that you acquire on the Strategic FIT Program.

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