Synchronicity, the INNER PATH of LEADERSHIP

This book is not for those who aspire to be a leader. Rather, think of this book as the guidebook for a journey that connects you to life and culminates in the gift of leadership. From the forward from Peter Senge (which to me was best skimmed and reread midway through the book) to the last page, Truths were exposed and enjoyed. This book takes the premise that leading is serving and gives insight to the transformation we must make internally, not externally to become a leader.

For me though, this book was not about leadership or developing leadership. It is a book that helps you understand life in a new context. Synchronicity becomes the goal and the added benefits of leadership qualities become more of an after-thought.

Since reading the book and trying to consciously build in lessons from Joe in my life, I have seen remarkable changes in my life. It is still a journey not a destination, yet a more fulfilling journey.

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