The Magician’s Way

Review by Peter Hutton of Brisbane Australia.

Since reading it, I have made many changes in my life. The `Seven Secrets Of Magic’ have proven to come in handy on a daily basis. These lessons have helped me to create what I want, what I love. I’m eternally grateful to the author for this book.You can go your entire life looking for that special book that has it all. The book that will change your life forever. Open your heart. Transform you even.

Like the Holy Grail, it’s the book we seek that’s full of promise. It’s like looking for a magic bullet. Does it really exist? Why not!

The Magician’s Way by William Whitecloud comes very, very close to it. It is brilliant; It’s unique; And it’s mind-blowing!!!

Anyone interested in creating a life they would love needs to read this. If you are interested in things like `The Secret’ and subject matter like the laws of attraction you must read this book. The Magician’s Way is like The Secret on steroids. Really, it goes way beyond it.

When I read The Magician’s Way, I couldn’t put it down. I pretty much read it in one sitting. It was like I got pulled into the book as the story unfolded. It was more than just being captivated by this story. I became the main character. I went on this incredible life changing ride in his shoes that opened my eyes to my own greater truth. By the end of the book I sensed I had changed somehow. It opened my heart . An exciting new world had suddenly appeared.

I know that may sound over the top to some of you. But it’s true. The Magician’s Way profoundly touched me. It’s as the saying goes, `the truth will set you free’. What I experienced reading this book was exactly that.

Simply put, The Magician’s Way teaches you how to transform your outer world by changing your inner world. The book contains a series of lessons. The author calls them “The Seven Secrets Of Magic”. They are powerful lessons and I have found them to be very practical.

I couldn’t recommend a better book than The Magician’s Way. I loved it. You will too!!!

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One Response to “The Magician’s Way”

  1. LEE FRY says:

    My sentiments about this book duplicate yours exactly, Peter. I could not put down this book, nor stop thinking about it everyday. It started me thinking during the 2nd chapter and began a change in me immediately. It is indeed profound, in every way.
    William Whitecloud touches on the same secret….that is in “Think and Grow Rich”, as well as “The Magic of Believing”, which I read over 40 years ago. This book is spell-bounding. It is a must-read for everyone! This is one book that I cannot explain. Once I began reading, every so often while the main character is being taught a lesson…I would get this very emotional feeling taking over in me and I would begin to tear up. I don’t know why, but it felt good, really good. Just like Peter said…somehow it touches your heart in a very special way….then change begins to take place within you.

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