Most companies spend a lot of time creating a vision statement that is hung on the wall and does little to enhance company performance, both now and in the future. Why do we get this outcome? Why bother?   Why do we get this outcome? We get this outcome because most vision statements are boring, […]


Background The client is a listed public company that provides a broad and diverse range of products and services to the construction and mining industries.   The company has delivered below average industry returns for many years and overall group performance was declining.   The company had become ‘fat’. There was a culture of entitlement […]


  They say that when you have a near-death experience, your whole perception of life changes. I was never able to truly understand what this meant……until 8:12am on the 15th October.   I woke up that morning feeling excited and energised. I was still feeling the high of a successful session delivered the previous day […]


Success breeds success. In a growing and buoyant market, business tends to come to you and profits tend to be solid and growing. Ultimately, success can breed failure. When organizations enjoy solid growth in vibrant markets, over time the company tends to become complacent. It stops listening to its customers and the market. It gets […]


Here is my analysis of the most common issues I have encountered with regards to STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP