Background The client is a listed public company that provides a broad and diverse range of products and services to the construction and mining industries.   The company has delivered below average industry returns for many years and overall group performance was declining.   The company had become ‘fat’. There was a culture of entitlement […]


Context The agency designs and builds high technology defence weapon systems that are used by the country and sold to other allies. R&D was staffed by 93 scientists, 89 of whom were ‘If’ (INTJ)* and 4 were engineers that had ‘FS’ preferences (ESTJ)*. Leadership within the Agency was thought of as ‘getting in the way […]


Background The company manages and operates the premier MICE (meetings incentives, conventions and exhibitions) venue in Asia Pacific. It has the location, facilities, infrastructure and service capabilities to meet the most demanding of customers’ and delegates’ needs.


Background A global express distribution company was attempting to service up to 42 separate segments through the same infrastructure. The business had become so complex that: Market segments began competing with each other, cannibalising its own market and allowing some competitors to position in uncontested market spaces. The business became so complex because the executives […]


Background The company operating in Asia Pacific is the largest hospitality management group in Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia, operating multiple brands across all star classifications. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of a French organisiation that owns or manages over 2,500 properties worldwide. Following an unprecedented period of growth through acquisition, the […]


Context A German immigrant to South Africa established a butcher shop on the South Coast of Natal in the early 1940s. When he died in the early 1980s, his youngest son, then 18 was asked to take over the running of the family business as he had the most knowledge and was the most passionate […]