In these times of global turbulence and uncertainty, we are all going through unchartered waters. In our view, there are 5 areas of focus that are imperative for Managers facing uncertain environments. These are: Have flexible and adaptable goals Act quickly and decisively Focus on what really matters Ensure you have reliable and timely information […]


Most industries in developed economies can be classified as mature. This means that market growth is slow, maybe even approaching that of the national GDP or population growth. Rivalry is intense, as many players compete for less and less business. Demand is led by customers, who are very discerning and knowledgeable. Trading conditions are more volatile than ever before, making it difficult to predict how the future will unfold. In this article, we explore 10 steps that you can easily implement to increase customer aquisition, retention and loyalty


We all believe that change is inevitable – or do we? Being creatures of habit, we covertly resist change. Any move outside our “comfort zone” induces stress and a feeling of discomfort. Resistance is the principal reason that change programs fail to deliver expected long-term results In this article we will first examine typical phases of transition. We will then present a framework for organisational change. Once the dynamics of change have been conceptualised, we will present a practical model for inducing change in organisations.


Environmental scanning is a method of surveying the broader macro environment so as to detect early warning signals or trends.
Most of the companies I have consulted to, exhibit little awareness of or sensitivity to events which are beyond the control of management. The extent to which these may impact the company is generally not considered. Those companies, who ritually prepare environmental scans as part of their strategy process, tend to create voluminous documents that either mean very little to anybody, or are never read. In this article, we provide a number of alternative approaches.