Yes it is entirely possible. This is because the skills required for management are very different from the skills needed to lead. Management skills


As human beings, we have the ability to adapt our natural style to the situation. However, It is true that the overall leadership style needs to be relevant to and appropriate for a particular type of business. This may be difficult for a person who is naturally structured, systematic and


The question hinges on your definition of ‘good’. There are good leaders in most organisations. There is no shortage of good leaders. There is, however a dearth of great leaders. Whenever I work with executive groups or CEO’s I pose the question “have you ever worked for a truly


Anyone can become a leader that is willing and able to strive for and achieve goals. As long as you have the competence to do the job, have clarity of strategic purpose, understand the operating environment, and are true to yourself, you can learn to become a great leader of others.


Management focuses on task, logic and process (doing) whereas leadership is about being – values people and inspiration.Managers implement strategies, planning, budgeting, coordinating, organising, monitoring and controlling.


The desire to be a leader is fundamental to remaining passionate, especially when times get tough. Maintaining desire is achieved by have a vision that that is powerful enough to drive the leader and sustain motivation.


Although there could be many reasons for this, a change in strategic context can be a major reason. If you look at some of the world’s greatest leaders, you can see evidence of this. Winston Churchill was a great wartime leader but was unable to lead effectively after the war – in times of


A: One of the character traits of a great leader is humility. Being human, means that we don’t have all the answers. Leaders at some stage must also be a follower. A leader generally follows another leader that is more senior and has a bigger perspective. A good leader will also know when it is


Q: Is leadership the responsibility of everyone who has people reporting to themLeadership is foremost a way of being and translates into what we do and how we do it. Leadership is part of a role, not a role itself and exists at


There is no such thing as ‘the most effective’ or preferred leadership style. A particular leadership style is neither good nor bad. It is either relevant and shapes an appropriate culture that enables the organisation to add value, or it is not relevant and therefore shapes an inappropri