Critical strategic Issues are what generally prevent executives from achieving more of their goals. We therefore use critical issues as the point of departure for formulating strategies. Effective strategies result when you apply the Strategy Development Checklist.


Many business plans become static documents that collect dust in some executives’ drawer.
This is because ‘more is less’. The secret is to reduce the bulky business planning document
into a few focussed action plans, each of which are fully explained in a simple standardised
format on a single page. The Action Planning Worksheet is your answer.


The essence of the role of leaders in organisations’ is to lead effective and relevant change. Leaders set direction, and touch, move and
inspire people to follow them. The essential skill of a leader is to influence people to achieve goals by creating an environment that is motivating, inspiring, energising and uniting. Use this template to identify criteria for effective leadership.


To build a high performance culture, your culture needs to ‘mirror’ customer needs and behavioural patterns. You will need to answer the 6 questions with absolute honesty before you can identify what to do
to improve your ability to consistently outperform your rivals.


sk your executives to answer the question “what business are we
in?” You will be amazed at the variation of response. It is imperative to have clarity around business definition as it guides decision making around strategy, structure, systems, skill sets and the nature and type of people you recruit. This worksheet will assist you to define the business of the business by assessing 3 dimensions – customer groups, products and services offered and the benefits delivered to customers.


Before you can think about developing strategy, you need to do four things:
1. Define your business boundaries
2. Determine and agree the overriding goal for the business
3. Agree what necessary conditions must be met to achieve your goal, and
4. How you will measure your progress

This template will assist you to determine your business boundaries, identify the business goal, agree the necessary conditions to achieve the goal and the measures you will use to navigate your progress towards the goal.


To produce superior returns in terms of Strategic Fit, a company must be aligned with the needs of its customers. By placing customers into segments, we can deploy & focus our scarce resources more effectively.

This worksheet provides a 4 step approach to segmenting your customers (i.e. placing them into homogenous groups in accrdance with certain criteria).