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Thank you for your interest in our products, programs and services. We appreciate your comments and feedback, and look forward to answering any questions you may have. Our staff are here to help you in selecting the most appropriate program for your needs and to answer questions about our products or other content. We will also research and respond to any challenge you are having with a product or an order you have placed with our company. In addition, we would highly encourage you to share your recommendations and feedback to improve this web site. Please enter your information below: Required fields are denoted by (*)



Program Information

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    What after sales support is there?

    Our clients all tend to be long-term supporters of our programs and our businesses. We would not enjoy this kind of loyalty if we did not value our clients and provide them with ongoing value.

    From the time you decide to place an order, we are committed to exceed your expectations of us. If you have any questions or queries and you direct them to us through the website, we undertake to provide you with clear, unambiguous responses/answers with 24 hours. After each program that you do with us, we will invite you to comment on our level of customer service and your experience with us. We stand behind our products and provide a 90 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

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    How do I know that your programs work?

    Since its inception in 1995, our lead program, Strategic Fit, has been successfully applied in major companies, small businesses and the public sector around the world to help them find their strategic fit. Check out our case studies and testimonials from satisfied clients on the site.The Strategic Fit program has been used to improve performance across many sectors, such as:

    * Art
    * Agriculture
    * Architecture
    * Auctioneering
    * Automotive OEMs
    * Casinos
    * Construction
    * Conventions & Exhibitions (MICE industry)
    * Computer OEMs
    * Equipment hire
    * Facilities Management
    * Financial institutions
    * Forestry
    * Government (local, state & federal)
    * Industrial services
    * Infrastructure
    * Information technology
    * Health

    * Hospitality
    * Logistics
    * Insurance companies
    * Industrial services
    * Management consulting
    * Manufacturing
    * Market research
    * Petroleum
    * Printing
    * Retirement Villages
    * Restaurants
    * Retail stores
    * Shipping
    * Student accommodation
    * Tourism
    * Transport
    * Utilities
    * Waste Management

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    Why should I buy one of your programs?

    Each of our programs is designed to meet your needs

    With over forty years experience in business across more than 50 industries and having worked in a post-graduate educational environment, we have specialised in the areas of:

    1. Strategy formulation at corporate, divisional, business, and functional levels
    2. Leadership development, both strategic and personal
    3. Change management
    4. Performance improvement

    As experts in each of these disciplines, we stay at the cutting edge of the content and as consultants for the last 20 years, we understand effective learning processes. Therefore, have designed each of our programs to provide you with an easy to understand step-by-step approach that addresses your specific business issues and/or personal development needs.

    Our programs can be classified into two categories:

    1. Content based programs that address specific business or personal areas, such as Scenario Planning, Environmental Scanning, Personal Leadership etc, and
    2. The Strategic Fit program looks at organisations systemically. This means that we examine the way an organisation interacts with its environment. If we assume that the goal of most organisations is to maximise effectiveness by securing a long-term, sustainable competitive advantage within its chosen field of operations, then this will be accomplished when the organisation achieves “strategic fit”. Whilst there are no universally accepted measures of “strategic fit”, organisations typically developing their own specific indicators, the research clearly shows that whatever measure is used, there is a high level of effectiveness when an organisation fits with and mirrors the requirements of its markets. Conversely, ineffective organisations tend to display a low level of strategic fit with its markets. The Strategic Fit program ensures that the organisation’s strategies, culture and leadership are closely matched with its operating environment i.e. customers and stakeholders. Up until now, the problem has been the ability to identify, describe and measure each of these elements in a meaningful way. When organisations’ are strategically aligned, they achieve sustainable competitive advantage and outperform their rivals. To find out more, get your FREE ebook called ‘An Overview of the Concept of Strategic Fit’

    Guaranteed to improve organisational effectiveness and performance

    We are so confident that our programs deliver the results that we promise, that if we cannot completely satisfy your needs within 90 days of enrolment, simply let us know. We’ll immediately cancel your enrolment and issue you with a FULL REFUND. That’s right – all your money back. That is our 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

    Full support

    Whether you are a novice or a professional facilitator, the Strategic Fit Program provides all the support you will need to get results quickly.

    We make it easy for you. With each program you get:

    1. A detailed facilitator manual that leaves nothing to chance. Even a novice can successfully walk a group through the entire program by following the Facilitator’s Manual one step at a time
    2. A full set of colour slides
    3. A participant manual for up to 50 participants
    4. Access to our eTrain-the-trainer facility. You have unlimited access to our experts who will answer any of your questions either through the site or you can call us on Skype.
    5. Access to our eFacilitator Network that provides a forum for a community of facilitators to discuss common issues and network with each other. Once you have purchased any of our programs, you have unlimited access for as long as you choose to participate in this network

    In addition, if you purchase any Module from the Strategic Fit Program, you also receive:

    1. The ebook called The Concept of Strategic Fit
    2. A DVD on the Concept of Strategic Fit
    3. The ebook on Theoretical Underpinnings of Strategic Fit
    4. Online diagnostics for the Modules you have purchased

Order Information

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    Can I change my mind?

    As you are given all materials at the time of purchase, we do not have a return policy. However, we will do everything we can to ensure that the programs deliver what we promise. In keeping with our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, if we are unable to satisfy your needs within 90 days of your enrolment, then we will REFUND ALL OF YOUR MONEY excluding postage, if any.

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    What Happens After I Place My Order?

    After you place an order, we will immediately send you an email confirming all the details of your order. A tax invoice will also be sent to you.
    After we have received payment for a program, you can download all the materials in PDF form.

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    What are my payment options?

    We accept payment through Pay Pal, Visa and Mastercard.

Members Area

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    What if I have issues with the Diagnostic Questionaires?

    If you have any questions in regard to completion or scoring of any of the Strategic Fit Diagnostics, post them on eTrain-the-Trainer or call us on Skype.

    If you are experiencing problems logging into the Diagnostic page, or are experiencing technical problems with any part of the Diagnostic process, contact our Customer Service Team or call us on Skype

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    What value does the eFacilitator Network give me?

    You can only join the eFacilitator Network if you are a member. You can only become a member if you are an existing client i.e. if you have purchased programs from us in the past.

    Joining the eFacilitator Network gives you access to other facilitators, many of whom are professionals in the Learning and Development, Human Resources or consulting fields. The eFacilitator Network is a forum for engaging other facilitators, sharing information, common challenges and networking. It is useful for your ongoing professional development, for broadening your sphere of influence, adding value to others and exploring opportunities.

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    How do I access the eTrain-the-Trainer Network?

    You can only access the eTrain-the-Trainer Network if you are a member. You can only become a member if you are an existing client i.e. if you have purchased programs from us in the past. The information supplied to you through this channel is specific to the program or programs that you have purchased. There are no limits in terms of time or the frequency that you access this Network.

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    How can I become a Member?

    The only way to become a member is by purchasing on of our products. This gives you access to all the facilities and privileges accorded to our clients.