Strategic FIT Program
The Strategic Fit between the Operating Environment, Customers, Strategy, Culture and Leadership provides organisations with long-term, sustainable competitive advantage. This program shows you how to identify, describe and measure the degree of FIT between each of these elements.
Strategy Due Diligence Checklist
Are you setting yourself up to fail? Organisations frequently engage in developing strategy that cannot be implemented. Learn how to dramatically increase your strategy implementation success rate
A Framework For Leading Change
The Framework For Leading Change will save you time and heart ache by identifying and managing the resistance to change and inertia, both of which block or restrict your progress towards your goals.
Critical Issues Management
We have developed a simple yet robust process that will save you time and money by identifying and managing the cause of obstacles that are blocking or restricting your progress towards your business goals. This process can be used every day by everyone in your business to improve productivity and effectiveness.
Competitor Analysis
This is a set of must-have tools for anyone that wants to outlast, outgrow, outsmart and CONSISTENTLY OUTPERFORM their competitors.

Designed to meet your needs

Designed to meet your needs Are you a small business owner, a professional manager of a large organisation, a learning and development specialist, a consultant or a student who is looking for ways to make complex things simple – to make sense of it all?

In our extensive global experience, we have found that no matter what organisation we work with – large or small, public sector or private sector, family business or multinational, employees always have the same concerns:

We don’t know where we are going (clarity of strategic direction)
We don’t know how we are going to get there (strategy and tactics)
Nobody talks to me (communication)

Strategic Fit is about addressing these issues through market relevance – ensuring that the organisation’s strategies, culture and leadership are closely matched with its operating environment i.e. customers and stakeholders. Up until now, the problem has been the ability to identify, describe and measure each of these elements in a meaningful way. When organisations’ are strategically aligned, they achieve sustainable competitive advantage and outperform their rivals. To find out more, click here to get your FREE ebook called ‘An Overview of the Concept of Strategic Fit’

Guaranteed to improve organisational effectiveness and performance

Guaranteed to improve your results Strategic Fit is a modular program that is guaranteed to give you spectacular results. It is a proven and reliable approach to maintain market relevance by developing strategy, building effective leadership and leading sustainable change.

Learn effective methods to:

Proven to work

Proven to work Since its inception in 1995, the Strategic Fit Program has been successfully applied in major companies, small businesses and the public sector around the world to help them find their strategic fit. The Strategic Fit program has been used to improve performance across many sectors, such as:
Art Forestry Market research
Agriculture Government (local, state & federal) Petroleum
Architecture Industrial services Printing
Auctioneering Infrastructure Retirement Villages
Automotive OEMs Information technology Restaurants
Casinos Health Retail
Construction Hospitality Shipping
Conventions & Exhibitions (MICE industry) Logistics Student accommodation
Computer OEMs Insurance companies Tourism
Equipment hire Industrial services Transport
Facilities Management Management consulting Utilities
Financial institutions Manufacturing Waste Management

We Support You!

Full Support

Whether you are a novice or a professional facilitator, the Strategic Fit Program provides all the support you will need to get results quickly.

For the uninitiated, you can start with one of the six modules or you can invest in the whole program. It is up to you. Our iron clad 100% guarantee means that if we cannot completely satisfy you within 90 days of enrolment, simply let us know. We’ll immediately cancel your enrolment and issue you with a full refund. That’s right – all your money back. That is our guarantee.

We Make It Easy For You!

A big tick

With each module, you get:

  • A detailed Facilitator Manual
  • A full set of colour slides
  • The ebook in more detail called The Concept of Strategic Fit
  • A DVD on the Concept of Strategic Fit
  • The ebook on Theoretical Underpinnings of Strategic Fit
  • A Participant Manual for up to 50 participants
  • Online diagnostics for the Operating Environment, Customer, Strategy, Culture and Leadership Modules
  • Access to our eTrain-the-Trainer facility
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