What does Strategic Fit consist of?


There are six Modules that can be used alone or together as a total package


Module 1: Operating Environment Module – Dealing with turbulence and uncertainty

This module provides tools and techniques to assess and respond to a continually changing and increasingly competitive market environment and covers the following topics:

  • Environmental scanning
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Industry and competitor analysis
  • Scenario planning

Module 2: Customer ModuleAligning service delivery with customer needs

This module deals with the alignment of the organisation with its customers and stakeholders. It covers the following topics:

  • Identifying customer needs and predicting buying behaviour
  • Understanding customer service requirements within and between segments
  • Aligning service capabilities with customer needs
  • Developing a compelling value proposition

Module 3: Strategy ModuleWinning in a competitive environment

This module deals with choosing the most effective strategic response to the environment and covers the following topics:

  • Understanding competitive dynamics
  • Identifying your competitive advantage and distinctiveness
  • Developing a compelling vision that engages the hearts and minds of your people
  • Positioning the organisation for ongoing success

Module 4: Culture ModuleCreating organisational change

This module deals with developing an appropriate culture to give the organisation the capability needed to implement its chosen strategies. It covers the following topics:

  • Making the distinction between culture and climate
  • Diagnosing organisational culture
  • Identifying the most powerful levers for change
  • Leading appropriate sustainable cultural change

Module 5: Leadership ModuleEffective approaches to shaping organisations

This module deals with shaping the most effective approaches to leadership at all levels and building high performance teams. It overlays with MBTI®, Belbin, Florence Littauer’s Framework, Quinn’s Competing Values Matrix, Hermann’s Whole Brain Model, DISC and TMS.

It covers the following topics:

  • Identifying the ideal leadership approach
  • Understanding the impact of existing leadership behaviours
  • Selecting and applying the most appropriate situational responses
  • Identifying and nurturing critical elements of team behaviour

Module 6: Taking Action ModuleFrom vision to reality

This module deals with developing strategic and business level plans that facilitate implementation of a chosen strategic response.

It covers the following topics:


  • Providing an easy and effective ongoing planning process
  • Developing plans that make a difference
  • Achieving employee buy-in and accountability for performance
  • Managing the journey from vision to reality
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