Align Service Delivery with Customer Needs

In our experience there is a usually a remarkable mis-alignment between what organisations think is important to their customers versus what their customers actually need. In addition, there are frequently fragmented, divergent views inside different teams in the organisation, including customer-facing teams, about what the customer expects from you.

We have therefore developed The Customer Module as part of the Strategic FIT Program that we have successfully applied over the last 20 years in hundreds of organisations worldwide. This process is available to you, to apply in your organisation to ensure that you grow your business faster, attract loyal customers who spend more, buy more frequently, are less price-sensistive and will promote you through word-of-mouth.

How will my Organisation Benefit?

  • KNOW what DRIVES VALUE for your customers so that you focus your scarceresources on activities that REALLY COUNT
  • PRO-ACTIVELY meet and exceed your customers’ expectations
  • IDENTIFY and PRE-EMPT recurring CUSTOMER ISSUES and COMPLAINTS and PREPARE your organisation to deal with them
  • Different Customer Segments have different needs. IDENTIFY your CUSTOMER SEGMENTS and TAYLOR your PRODUCTS and SERVICES for each segment.
  • FOCUS on customers and customer segments that DELIVER MAXIMUM RETURNS
  • IMPROVE your business through VALUE INNOVATION

Through The Customer Module You’ll learn How to….

  • Identify the value drivers that motivate customers to buy from you and become loyal to you
  • Predict customer buying behaviour by better understanding their patterns of behaviour
  • Use behavioural modelling to effectively segment your customers
  • Better understand customer service needs within and between segments
  • Effectively engage your customers by aligning service delivery processes and behaviours to better meet their expectations
  • Provide real or perceived value to customers that makes your offer irresistable to them

Why Should We Use This Process?

It is our experience that although people within the organisation have a detailed understanding of their functional area, this knowledge and wisdom is very rarely shared in a unified and cohesive way. In addition we have frequently found that even though Executives may have worked together for many years, they still tend to have widely differing interpretations of common industry terminology and different perspectives of the business. This leads to ineffective and misleading communications and ultimately sub-standard performance.

You can create an enormous amount of value by bringing these people together and using our structured, proven process to create new insights about your organisation and develop a shared perspective of your collective wisdom. In addition, you can run this process over and over again as your organisation and industry evolves.

By using The Strategic FIT Customer Module you will:

  • Engage all key stakeholders by providing new and different perspectives of your organisation
  • Interact, debate and discuss your customers’ value drivers and service issues
  • Extract the collective wisdom from different areas of your organisation
  • Provide a forum and a framework within which superior solutions and ideas will evolve
  • Avoid an inefficient, ineffective “talk-fest” by using a structured, proven methodology

What is included in The Customer Module?

  1. A Detailed Facilitator’s Manual – We provide you with all the information you need to run a successful workshop from pre-planning to final outputs
  2. A Full Set of Slides – Easily guide your participants through each step of the process with this powerful, visual companion to the Facilitator’s Manual
  3. A Participant Workbook – This contains all of the concepts worksheets for the workshop. It allows each participant to express their learnings in their own way. It is meant to be a “living record” of the outputs of the workshop that the key stakeholders can refer to over and over again
  4. Access for each participant to an Online Diagnostic Questionnaire – The results of this questionnaire provide vital inputs to the workshop process
  5. 60 days access to our eTrain-the-Trainer Program – This is an online Question and Answer forum that gives you direct access to our experienced Strategic FIT Facilitators

Some Sample Worksheets:

To give you an example of some of the processes that you will work through when you purchase The Customer Module, we have provided these worksheets for you to download:

A Customer Segmentation Worksheet…to help you focus your scarce resources more effectively by placing customers into categories according to specific criteria
Customer Profile Worksheet…designed to give you clarity about what your customer shops for, your current critical service issues and your action priorities
Customer Needs Assessment…is an important first step in ensuring that what you think is important to your customers is true. In our experience, 80% of executives & front line staff get it wrong.

How Do I Apply this Process in My Organisation?

The Strategic FIT Customer Module can be used on it’s own or as part of The Strategic FIT Program which is an integrated, holistic Strategic Planning process.

To get great results from this Module you will need to allocate a person within your team to act as Facilitator.

The Facilitator will need to:

  1. Familiarise themselves with all of the materials.
  2. Ensure that each Participant undertakes the pre-course reading
  3. Ensure that each Participant completes the online FITS Diagnostic Questionnaire

You will need to allocate one full day to complete the Customer Workshop. All key stakeholders must attend for the entire day.

What’s the Price?

We usually workshop this process annually for Organisations for US$7,500 per workshop. By purchasing this program online and facilitating it yourself with our support, you can derive all the benefits on an on-going basis for a ONE TIME INVESTMENT of US$395.


In addition to:

  1. The Facilitator’s Manual
  2. The Workshop Slides
  3. The Participant Workbook
  4. The Online Diagnostic Questionnaire
  5. 60 Days Access to our expert consultants

  6. We’re offering you these amazing extra’s for FREE

  7. A Video on “The Concept of Strategic FIT” – play this dynamic video in the workshop and get us to explain the underlying concepts directly to your participants!
  8. An eBook on “The Concept of Strategic FIT” – distribute this within your Organisation before the workshop to achieve an understanding of the concepts and obtain “buy-in” for the process
  9. An eBook on “The Theoretical Underpinnings of Strategic FIT” – This product explains the underlying Academic theories and proven research that led to the development of The Strategic FIT Program
  10. UNLIMITED ACCESS to eTrain-the-Trainer – This INVALUABLE RESOURCE will ensure that you are fully supported through the process and gives you DIRECT ACCESS to the people who created this program

Are you ready to take the first step in getting from where you are, to where you want to be without any financial risk?

Strategic FIT Customer Module US$395 Buy Now

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