Strategy Due Diligence Checklist

Are you setting yourself up to fail? Organisations frequently engage in developing strategy that cannot be implemented. Why? Because they:

  1. Have not thought through all the potentential uninteded consequences and undesirable effects
  2. Have not caluclated the sustainable rate of growth and therefore may not have the necessary resources to give effect to the strategy
  3. Have made implicit assumptions that are either unrealistic or are invalid
  4. Have not thought about how they will execute the strategy, and
  5. May not have the commitment and buy-in from those that have to deliver the strategy

They therefore spend time, effort and money formulating a strategy that will never come to fruition.

We have therefore developed the Strategy Due Diligence Checklist that we have successfully applied over the last 20 years in hundreds of organisations worldwide. This checklist is available to you, to apply in your organisation. It is a simple, structured, and proven set of questions that will ensure that you think through every aspect of your strategy and deliver a  strategy that is realistic, robust and achievable.

How will my Organisation Benefit?

  • THINK THROUGH every aspect of the STRATEGY in a structured, methodical and systematic manner
  • CHALLENGE your initial THINKING
  • Provide  you with an end-product that is ACHIEVABLE, REALISTIC and SPECIFIC
  • Make people ACCOUNTABLE for their PERFORMANCE

Using the Strategy Due Diligence Checklist, You’ll learn….

  • How to chunk the strategy down into small discrete sections
  • What questions to ask to increase the probability of your success
  • The art of cause and effect thinking
  • How this challenging process glavanises support for and commitment to the strategy

Why Should We Use This Process?

Did you know that only 15% of NASA’s strategies actually came to fruition when they sent people to the moon? Most organisations’ success rate is equal to or less than this percentage. You will find that by applying the Strategy Due Diligence Checklist whenever you develop strategy that you think more systemically, more holistically and more critically.

What’s the Price?

You can choose from two options:

The Gold Package for US$9.95

This includes:

  1. A detailed Checklist in PDF format
Strategy Due Diligence Gold Package US$9.95 Buy Now

The Platinum Package for US$119.95

This includes:

  1. detailed Checklist in PDF format
  2. PLUS 60 days access to our eTrain-the-Trainer Program – This is an online Question and Answer forum that gives you direct access to our experienced Consultants;
Strategy Due Diligence Platinum Package US$119.95 Buy Now


We are so confident that our programs will deliver exceptional value to your organisation, that if you are not completely satisfied with the results within 90 days we will REFUND ALL YOUR MONEY

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