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Most companies spend a lot of time creating a vision statement that is hung on the wall and does little to enhance company performance, both now and in the future. Why do we get this outcome? Why bother?   Why do we get this outcome? We get this outcome because most vision statements are boring, […]


Over my many years of working with clients in the area of strategy development and business planning, I am frequently asked which approach to business planning is better, top down or bottom up? My response is that there are pros and cons to each and that they are not mutually exclusive.   Bottom up business […]


Early on in my career, at one of our regular Friday afternoon social sessions, I found myself alone with our recently appointed Managing Director.  I’ll never forget our conversation. He said “Its lonely at the top.” “Why do you say that?” I asked. He replied,  “for a some reasons. Firstly, as the ultimate leader, it […]


The answer is that it depends upon the context. The adoption curve (see below) can provide some insights.   When a new product or service is launched into the market, the organisation’s main focus is to capitalise on any first mover advantages and achieve critical mass quickly. If the product or service is unique there […]


Many executives and small business owners that I have worked with do not believe in business planning. Several do not know where to begin or how to write a business plan. Others either hire professional facilitators to assist with them with their strategic planning or develop their business strategy using strategic planning templates.   When […]


It is the start of February. A new year is in full swing. It is the perfect time to sit down and set your strategic vision for 2015. Map out the pathway for the year ahead. Set goals and get inspired that this is THE year that you and your team are going to make […]


In these times of global turbulence and uncertainty, we are all going through unchartered waters. In our view, there are 5 areas of focus that are imperative for Managers facing uncertain environments. These are: Have flexible and adaptable goals Act quickly and decisively Focus on what really matters Ensure you have reliable and timely information […]


Executives often get caught in the activity trap. They work hard
but are not effective. Ansoff originally developed a matrix to assist executives to focus on what is important rather than being drawn by the tyranny of the urgent. Use the Critical Issues Prioritisation Matrix to improve your time management and focus. You will see an immediate improvement in your resuts.


Test the level of your Strategic Thinking by responding to 20 yes/no questions and immediately scoring your results