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Strategic Fit is the difference that makes the difference. To achieve sustainable superior performance a business must attract more loyal customers than its competitors. Every business attempts to achieve this but not many succeed. Many organisations focus on attracting new customers whilst under-servicing their current customers. The result – customer defection. The cost of customer ‘churn’ […]


We live in a rapidly changing world with ever increasing levels of complexity and information overload. The Strategy Workshop is a Knowledge and Resource Centre that helps you ‘Make sense of it all’. Founded by Ivan Nurick, focuses on leadership development (both personal and strategic), formulating and implementing strategy at all levels within private […]

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The better you know and understand what customers need, the more effectively you can deliver it. It is also important for everyone to have the
same perspective. This 5 step approach assists you to identify the customer’s primary motivating factors, build a profile that describes the customer’s behavioural patterns, identify critical service issues, and develop an action plan.


To build a high performance culture, your culture needs to ‘mirror’ customer needs and behavioural patterns. You will need to answer the 6 questions with absolute honesty before you can identify what to do
to improve your ability to consistently outperform your rivals.


Background A global express distribution company was attempting to service up to 42 separate segments through the same infrastructure. The business had become so complex that: Market segments began competing with each other, cannibalising its own market and allowing some competitors to position in uncontested market spaces. The business became so complex because the executives […]


Context A German immigrant to South Africa established a butcher shop on the South Coast of Natal in the early 1940s. When he died in the early 1980s, his youngest son, then 18 was asked to take over the running of the family business as he had the most knowledge and was the most passionate […]