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In this series of articles, we explore ten ways in which to boost your profits. The selection on which Profit Boosters[1] will most leverage your bottom line is a function of: Your business model; Where your business sits on the industry growth (evolution) curve; and The dynamics in your current operating environment   The first […]


The Competitor SWOT is a simple way to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses relative to a specified competitor and inform appropriate action you should take to close any performance gaps.


The better you know and understand what customers need, the more effectively you can deliver it. It is also important for everyone to have the
same perspective. This 5 step approach assists you to identify the customer’s primary motivating factors, build a profile that describes the customer’s behavioural patterns, identify critical service issues, and develop an action plan.


To build a high performance culture, your culture needs to ‘mirror’ customer needs and behavioural patterns. You will need to answer the 6 questions with absolute honesty before you can identify what to do
to improve your ability to consistently outperform your rivals.