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If you are on a personal development journey, then this book is a must for you


This book is not for those who aspire to be a leader. Rather, think of this book as the guidebook for a journey that connects you to life and culminates in the gift of leadership. From the forward from Peter Senge (which to me was best skimmed and reread midway through the book) to the […]


Review by V. Young, Washington d.c. This book is an easy read and points out how much control we do have over the circumstances under which we live. Ms. Adams shows how to think your way out of frustrating or non-productive sitations and create a more positive, effective, and satisfying life. Her method is easy […]


We live in a rapidly changing world with ever increasing levels of complexity and information overload. The Strategy Workshop is a Knowledge and Resource Centre that helps you ‘Make sense of it all’. Founded by Ivan Nurick, focuses on leadership development (both personal and strategic), formulating and implementing strategy at all levels within private […]

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Very few people have a predisposition to sell. The reality is that we are all selling ourselves, our ideas, our concepts and our beliefs to other people all the time. If you want to get your kids or your spouse to do anything, you are effectively selling. Selling is really about the ability to influence others – to help them to advance their agendas
Leadership is also about influencing people to follow your strategic vision.
The competences that are identified, defined and described in this eBook will assist you to select and recruit the right people for your business. It will also assist you to develop Position Descriptions and identify appropriate performance management metrics.


Yes it is entirely possible. This is because the skills required for management are very different from the skills needed to lead. Management skills


The question hinges on your definition of ‘good’. There are good leaders in most organisations. There is no shortage of good leaders. There is, however a dearth of great leaders. Whenever I work with executive groups or CEO’s I pose the question “have you ever worked for a truly


Management focuses on task, logic and process (doing) whereas leadership is about being – values people and inspiration.Managers implement strategies, planning, budgeting, coordinating, organising, monitoring and controlling.


The desire to be a leader is fundamental to remaining passionate, especially when times get tough. Maintaining desire is achieved by have a vision that that is powerful enough to drive the leader and sustain motivation.


James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner developed 5 practices and 10 principles of Leadership that represents the synthesis of the overwhelming majority of the research in the leadership arena.


The essence of the role of leaders in organisations’ is to lead effective and relevant change. Leaders set direction, and touch, move and
inspire people to follow them. The essential skill of a leader is to influence people to achieve goals by creating an environment that is motivating, inspiring, energising and uniting. Use this template to identify criteria for effective leadership.