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Review by V. Young, Washington d.c. This book is an easy read and points out how much control we do have over the circumstances under which we live. Ms. Adams shows how to think your way out of frustrating or non-productive sitations and create a more positive, effective, and satisfying life. Her method is easy […]


What is your natural leadership style? You can quickly assess your dominant leadership style by examining the leadership characteristics contained in the Leadership Style Quick Diagnostic.


As human beings, we have the ability to adapt our natural style to the situation. However, It is true that the overall leadership style needs to be relevant to and appropriate for a particular type of business. This may be difficult for a person who is naturally structured, systematic and


Management focuses on task, logic and process (doing) whereas leadership is about being – values people and inspiration.Managers implement strategies, planning, budgeting, coordinating, organising, monitoring and controlling.


A: One of the character traits of a great leader is humility. Being human, means that we don’t have all the answers. Leaders at some stage must also be a follower. A leader generally follows another leader that is more senior and has a bigger perspective. A good leader will also know when it is


There is no such thing as ‘the most effective’ or preferred leadership style. A particular leadership style is neither good nor bad. It is either relevant and shapes an appropriate culture that enables the organisation to add value, or it is not relevant and therefore shapes an inappropri


Context The agency designs and builds high technology defence weapon systems that are used by the country and sold to other allies. R&D was staffed by 93 scientists, 89 of whom were ‘If’ (INTJ)* and 4 were engineers that had ‘FS’ preferences (ESTJ)*. Leadership within the Agency was thought of as ‘getting in the way […]