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Background The client is a listed public company that provides a broad and diverse range of products and services to the construction and mining industries.   The company has delivered below average industry returns for many years and overall group performance was declining.   The company had become ‘fat’. There was a culture of entitlement […]


Over my many years of working with clients in the area of strategy development and business planning, I am frequently asked which approach to business planning is better, top down or bottom up? My response is that there are pros and cons to each and that they are not mutually exclusive.   Bottom up business […]


We all believe that change is inevitable – or do we? Being creatures of habit, we covertly resist change. Any move outside our “comfort zone” induces stress and a feeling of discomfort. Resistance is the principal reason that change programs fail to deliver expected long-term results In this article we will first examine typical phases of transition. We will then present a framework for organisational change. Once the dynamics of change have been conceptualised, we will present a practical model for inducing change in organisations.