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The answer is that it depends upon the context. The adoption curve (see below) can provide some insights.   When a new product or service is launched into the market, the organisation’s main focus is to capitalise on any first mover advantages and achieve critical mass quickly. If the product or service is unique there […]


Many executives and small business owners that I have worked with do not believe in business planning. Several do not know where to begin or how to write a business plan. Others either hire professional facilitators to assist with them with their strategic planning or develop their business strategy using strategic planning templates.   When […]


It is the start of February. A new year is in full swing. It is the perfect time to sit down and set your strategic vision for 2015. Map out the pathway for the year ahead. Set goals and get inspired that this is THE year that you and your team are going to make […]


This is a video featuring Ivan Nurick talking to ING on their ME program about Thinking Strategically. By consistently applying 3 universal principles, Ivan asserts that any organisation can leverage its results. Check out the Strategic FIT Program in the store for more information Ivan Nurick talks to ING on Thinking Strategically from Strategy Workshop […]


Here is my analysis of the most common issues I have encountered with regards to DEVELOPING STRATEGY


Test the level of your Strategic Thinking by responding to 20 yes/no questions and immediately scoring your results