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Review by Robert Morris of Dallas Texas This is an especially thought-provoking book which, as have so many others, evolved from an article published in the Harvard Business Review. According to Kim and Mauborgne, “[in italics] Blue ocean strategy [end italics] challenges companies to break out of the red ocean of bloody competition by creating […]


Critical strategic Issues are what generally prevent executives from achieving more of their goals. We therefore use critical issues as the point of departure for formulating strategies. Effective strategies result when you apply the Strategy Development Checklist.


Many business plans become static documents that collect dust in some executives’ drawer.
This is because ‘more is less’. The secret is to reduce the bulky business planning document
into a few focussed action plans, each of which are fully explained in a simple standardised
format on a single page. The Action Planning Worksheet is your answer.


Executives often get caught in the activity trap. They work hard
but are not effective. Ansoff originally developed a matrix to assist executives to focus on what is important rather than being drawn by the tyranny of the urgent. Use the Critical Issues Prioritisation Matrix to improve your time management and focus. You will see an immediate improvement in your resuts.