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Most companies spend a lot of time creating a vision statement that is hung on the wall and does little to enhance company performance, both now and in the future. Why do we get this outcome? Why bother?   Why do we get this outcome? We get this outcome because most vision statements are boring, […]


Success breeds success. In a growing and buoyant market, business tends to come to you and profits tend to be solid and growing. Ultimately, success can breed failure. When organizations enjoy solid growth in vibrant markets, over time the company tends to become complacent. It stops listening to its customers and the market. It gets […]


One of the ways in which management can boost the profits of their business, is to ensure that their strategy leverages key elements of the business model.   Identifying Profit Multipliers   The first step is to undertake sensitivity analysis of the Income Statement to identify potential profit multipliers. There are cost-effective software packages that […]


In this series of articles, we explore ten ways in which to boost your profits. The selection on which Profit Boosters[1] will most leverage your bottom line is a function of: Your business model; Where your business sits on the industry growth (evolution) curve; and The dynamics in your current operating environment   The first […]


Strategic Fit is the difference that makes the difference. To achieve sustainable superior performance a business must attract more loyal customers than its competitors. Every business attempts to achieve this but not many succeed. Many organisations focus on attracting new customers whilst under-servicing their current customers. The result – customer defection. The cost of customer ‘churn’ […]


This is a video featuring Ivan Nurick talking to ING on their ME program about Thinking Strategically. By consistently applying 3 universal principles, Ivan asserts that any organisation can leverage its results. Check out the Strategic FIT Program in the store for more information Ivan Nurick talks to ING on Thinking Strategically from Strategy Workshop […]


We offer you a selection of books in the area of Performance Management that are recommended by Amazon.


We offer you a selection of books in the area of Change Management that are recommended by Amazon.


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We offer you a selection of books in the area of Strategy that are recommended by Amazon.


We live in a rapidly changing world with ever increasing levels of complexity and information overload. The Strategy Workshop is a Knowledge and Resource Centre that helps you ‘Make sense of it all’. Founded by Ivan Nurick, focuses on leadership development (both personal and strategic), formulating and implementing strategy at all levels within private […]

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We define a competence as a set of related skills or capabilities that an organisation uses to create value. Core competences are those sets of skills or capabilities that represent ‘cost of entry’ i.e. they are needed just to be able to ‘play the game’. Distinctive competences are the things that an organisation does better than their competitors or does uniquely that
distinguish or differentiate them from the ‘pack’. This is the source of current and future competitive advantage. Using this framework will assist you to identify the distinctive competences you have and need to acquire to develop or sustain your competitive advantage.


Many business plans become static documents that collect dust in some executives’ drawer.
This is because ‘more is less’. The secret is to reduce the bulky business planning document
into a few focussed action plans, each of which are fully explained in a simple standardised
format on a single page. The Action Planning Worksheet is your answer.


Here is my analysis of the most common issues I have encountered with regards to DEVELOPING STRATEGY


Executives often get caught in the activity trap. They work hard
but are not effective. Ansoff originally developed a matrix to assist executives to focus on what is important rather than being drawn by the tyranny of the urgent. Use the Critical Issues Prioritisation Matrix to improve your time management and focus. You will see an immediate improvement in your resuts.