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Most companies spend a lot of time creating a vision statement that is hung on the wall and does little to enhance company performance, both now and in the future. Why do we get this outcome? Why bother?   Why do we get this outcome? We get this outcome because most vision statements are boring, […]


Background The client is a listed public company that provides a broad and diverse range of products and services to the construction and mining industries.   The company has delivered below average industry returns for many years and overall group performance was declining.   The company had become ‘fat’. There was a culture of entitlement […]


Early on in my career, at one of our regular Friday afternoon social sessions, I found myself alone with our recently appointed Managing Director.  I’ll never forget our conversation. He said “Its lonely at the top.” “Why do you say that?” I asked. He replied,  “for a some reasons. Firstly, as the ultimate leader, it […]


Success breeds success. In a growing and buoyant market, business tends to come to you and profits tend to be solid and growing. Ultimately, success can breed failure. When organizations enjoy solid growth in vibrant markets, over time the company tends to become complacent. It stops listening to its customers and the market. It gets […]


In these times of global turbulence and uncertainty, we are all going through unchartered waters. In our view, there are 5 areas of focus that are imperative for Managers facing uncertain environments. These are: Have flexible and adaptable goals Act quickly and decisively Focus on what really matters Ensure you have reliable and timely information […]


Every business irrespective of size should have a business plan. Why, you may ask? Because a business plan is like a GPS (global positioning satellite). It shows: a. the current position on a map (current state), b. the ultimate destination (desired state), c. the route (how management intend getting there), d. the estimated time it […]


Understanding When to Partner No organisation can achieve excellence in all areas. Attempting to do this will result in trying to be all things to all people and nothing to anybody. Therefore, to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, every organisation needs to choose a few (2 to 4) areas that are important to its customers that […]


Strategic Fit is the difference that makes the difference. To achieve sustainable superior performance a business must attract more loyal customers than its competitors. Every business attempts to achieve this but not many succeed. Many organisations focus on attracting new customers whilst under-servicing their current customers. The result – customer defection. The cost of customer ‘churn’ […]


Here is my analysis of the most common issues I have encountered with regards to STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP


Here is my analysis of the most common issues I have encountered with regards to DEVELOPING STRATEGY


The desire to be a leader is fundamental to remaining passionate, especially when times get tough. Maintaining desire is achieved by have a vision that that is powerful enough to drive the leader and sustain motivation.


Although there could be many reasons for this, a change in strategic context can be a major reason. If you look at some of the world’s greatest leaders, you can see evidence of this. Winston Churchill was a great wartime leader but was unable to lead effectively after the war – in times of


Q: Is leadership the responsibility of everyone who has people reporting to themLeadership is foremost a way of being and translates into what we do and how we do it. Leadership is part of a role, not a role itself and exists at


The essence of the role of leaders in organisations’ is to lead effective and relevant change. Leaders set direction, and touch, move and
inspire people to follow them. The essential skill of a leader is to influence people to achieve goals by creating an environment that is motivating, inspiring, energising and uniting. Use this template to identify criteria for effective leadership.


Background The company manages and operates the premier MICE (meetings incentives, conventions and exhibitions) venue in Asia Pacific. It has the location, facilities, infrastructure and service capabilities to meet the most demanding of customers’ and delegates’ needs.